Shoe Deodorant Spray

Natural, safe and highly effective mineral-based shoe deodorant. Eliminates unpleasant shoe odor, has an antibacterial effect, prevents fungi and boosts feet deodorant action.

Net weight: 150 ml
Made in Austria

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Crispento Indigo is a natural product, which helps to prevent unpleasant shoe odor. Disinfects and prevents fungi, without ruining or damaging shoes.


  • Those, who look for unscented deodorants.
  • Those, who cares about the ingredients.
  • 24-hour freshness
  • Prevents fungi.
  • Doesn’t leave white marks.
  • Dries instantly
  • Ecological, contains no colorants, parabens and preservatives.
  • Useful and convenient.
  • Unscented. Suitable for men and women.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Aqua; aluminium sulfate; polusorbate 20; alcohol denat; undecylenamide dea; benzoic acid; dehydroacetic acid; phenoxyethanol; menthol; parfum; hexyl cinnamal; limonene; linalool.

  • Spray the deodorant on the inside of your pre-dried shoes.
  • Dry shoes again.
  • In case of strong and stubborn smell, apply several times, drying shoes every time you spray.
  • To prevent unpleasant odor, use the spray regularly, combining with Crispento Azure foot deodorant.

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