First Edition

First Edition On the Rocks

Eau-de-parfum for him

First Edition individual fragrances can tell your story without words. They are absolutely different and each perfume opens up individually.  On the Rocks is a fragrance made for a modern and confident man, who is looking for independence and perfection. His passion, energy, and confidence fascinate from the very first moment. 

Size: 50 ml

Made in France

4800 сом
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FIRST EDITION is the selective perfume line, exclusively developed by French perfumers.

On the Rocks is a deep, woody fragrance with lingering elegance of tangy elements. 

Initial notes: tangerine, green grapefruit.

Key notes: cedar, mugwort.   

Base notes: vetiver, brushwood.


  • Those, who appreciate individuality.
  • Those, who love being different every day, but still stay themselves.
  • Those, who choose something special for themselves.

What is selective perfumery? Selective perfumery is exclusive perfumery, which is defined by:

  • Rare and quality ingredients, combined by professionals from Grass - world’s perfume capital. Every composition contains nearly 100 components put together in a single harmonious blend.
  • Extraordinary, complex and unique fragrances. The fragrance is the key to the connection between people. A perfume’s fragrance can be perceived variously on different people, emphasizing one’s individuality. The same ingredients can compose different blends, depending on a person, season, temperature or humidity. But nevertheless, it always leaves a rich and pleasant sillage.
  • A sillage is something, that creates an impression, attraction and stays in memory. A beautiful sillage is what distinguishes selective perfumery from mass-produced. Sillage or base notes are usually not perceived until 20-50 minutes after application. First Edition fragrances have long-lasting, full-bodied and unique wafts.


Once asked where to use perfume, Coco Chanel responded: “Wherever you want to be kissed”.

One should wear perfume on a wrist, an earlobe, an elbow crease, neck or interclavicular ligament.

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