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Gift bag, size L

Love is in the air! This big gift bag can hold not only lots of presents but also your most sincere and incredible feelings. L means Love!

What can be inside? Shakes, a collection of hair care products, face and body care products, PH Balance Stones, and lots of hugs. Make a gift of love!

Size: 300*230*130mm (W*H*D)

Made in Russia

*Bag handles can be yellow or black ribbon.

105 сом
!Can be paid with the Gift account

Branded gift bag with the company logo will make your gift special, making it stand out from the crowd. It is a perfect way to package your gifts —  make-up or skin, hair or body care products, shakes, dietary supplements, adaptogens and other useful gifts.

Paper, petersham ribbon.

Use as a package for gifts

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