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Every Earl Grey

Black tea with bergamot

Rich large-leaf Ceylon tea with citrus notes of bergamot creates a unique and perfect Earl Grey blend. Its sophisticated taste creates the atmosphere of old England with its traditional "five o'clock tea". Earl Grey is known for its energy-boosting effect and its essential oils are good for mental focus. 

Net weight: 120 g

60 tea bags with tags (2 g)

Made in Russia

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Black tea blend with deep and rich bergamot aroma is popular not only in England, but also in other countries. It gives a nice energy boost for the whole day, fighting the feeling of tiredness and also improves your skin condition. There is a legend about the origin of this tea, according to it, earl Grey's ship got into a storm and bergamot oil got spilled over tea leaves, so Earl Grey tea appeared. 


  • Those who love delicious tea.
  • Those who look after health.
  • Those who care for tea ingredients.
  • Those who want to make tea at any place.
  • High quality – only fresh and choice ingredients are used for its production. Due to special technologies, the process of grinding and blending doesn’t cause much damage to plant tissues, which saves its healthful substances.
  • Convenient – make it anywhere you are - at home, work or on a journey.
  • Useful package – each bag is put in a special envelope, made of foil, paper and a plastic membrane. Such a package saves all healthful qualities.

Ceylon black bohea tea, bergamot flavouring. 

Pour 200 ml of water, boiled to 80-90°С over a tea bag, steep for 3-5 minutes.

Do not consume if intolerant to any of the ingredients.

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