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Enerwood Edition Tea Collection

Limited edition

It will be easy to create a cozy atmosphere or give warm emotions with Enerwood Edition Tea Collection.  Three sachets of aromatic black tea for brewing, real chunks of fruit and berries, flower buds and petals make this tea not only tasty but also incomparably beautiful.

Enerwood Edition Tea contains at once three rich flavours for brewing in a kettle:  

  • Strawberry & Lychee Tea,
  • Almond Pie Tea,
  • Thyme and Linden Tea.

3 sachets / 25 g

Made in Russia.

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  • Beautiful whole-leaf tea: every tea blend contains real crunches of fruit and berries, big petals and flower buds.
  • Unique blends are created by professionals especially for the Enerwood Edition collection.  
  • The rich flavour of each blend makes a cozy atmosphere and gives a good mood.  
  • High quality:  while producing, only fresh selected raw material of the premium quality is used, which is stored for no more than one season.
  • Warm emotions. A pleasant gift to friends and nearest and dearest.  

Strawberry & Lychee Black Tea is a unique combination of traditional black tea with jasmine buds, strawberry crunches and dried pineapple cubes. The blend, complemented by an unusual lychee aroma, will appeal to romantic people who appreciate every moment spent with their loved ones.  

Almond Pie Black Tea is a ticket to carefree childhood: apple pieces, slight orange aroma, sky-blue cornflower and sweet caramel taste remind you of the warmth and coziness of your home where it smells like a freshly-baked pie. 

Thyme & Linden Black Tea is a healthy combination of linden flowers, thyme leaves, classical black tea and rose hips, complemented by a fresh note of mint and oregano. It creates a warm atmosphere of a summer evening after walking in the rain.


Ingredients: black tea, dried pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar, citric acid (acidity regulator)), sulphur dioxide (preservative), dried jasmine flower buds, freeze dried strawberry, 'Strawberry' natural flavouring, 'Lychee' flavouring.  


Nutrition and energy value (average value) per 100 g: protein — 0.6 g, fat — 1.6 g, carbohydrate — 16.8 g, energy value — 70.7 kcal / 295.9 kJ. Net weight: 25 g (1 sachet).



Ingredients: black tea, dried apple chunks, dried orange zest,  creamy caramel pieces, (skimmed sweetened condensed milk (skimmed condensed milk, sugar)), sugar, glucose syrup, butterfat, sorbitol syrup (water-retaining agent), (mono- and triglycerides of fatty acids (emulsifier), dried orange blossoms,  dried cornflower petals, ‘Creamy vanilla’ flavouring.


Nutrition and energy value (average value) per 100 g: protein — 0.6 g, fat — 3.1 g, carbohydrate — 8.3 g, energy value — 37 kcal / 157.1 kJ. Net weight: 25 g (1 sachet).



Ingredients: black tea, crushed rose hips, thyme leaves, linden flowers, oregano leaves, hypericum leaves, peppermint leaves.

Nutrition and energy value (average value) per 100 g: protein — 0 g, fat — 0 g, carbohydrate — 0 g, energy value — 0 kcal / 0 kJ. Net weight: 25 g (1 sachet).


Add the contents of a sachet to a 600 ml teapot, pour boiled to 95 °С water and brew for 4-5 minutes.  

You can reach different strength of your tea by adding less or more of the contents of the sachet.

Do not consume if intolerant to any of the ingredients.

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