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It contains all types of Enerwood Classic teas: Black Tea, Deep Black, Green Tea, Red Tea. An excellent choice for those who want to taste everything and choose their favorite flavor.

It is additionally enriched with superfoods: Chaga and goji berries.

40 tagged tea bags / 2g
Made in Russia

420 сом

The Enerwood line of everyday teas is your personal guide to the world of harmony, coziness and dreams. Each tea component is professionally selected on the best plantations, carefully processed and collected into a unique signature blend. Everything to reveal to you a real and deep flavor of your favorite tea.

Signature blends: each component is exclusively and professionally selected to give you a deep, many-sided and rich flavor of real tea beverage.

High quality: The blend consists of high-quality components of new corp, which are collected on proven plantations and meet strict quality control standards. 

Microplastic-free tea bags: tea filter bags consist of special paper and abaca fiber without glue. When exposed to boiled water, they do not release substances hazardous to the body.

Superfoods for your health:

Chaga is a mushroom that "lives" on a birch tree that shares with it its beneficial substances. Chaga contains a range of organic acids, mineral salts (silicon, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese), amino acids, phytoestrogens and such substances as pterin. Chaga is also enriched with antioxidants, therefore, it helps to slow down aging processes.

Goji berries are the berries that Buddhist monks started consuming more than 2,000 years ago to prolong their lives and gain and be filled with vitality. They contain essential amino acids, the B-group vitamins and many minerals (phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, etc.). Goji berries are 100 % natural antioxidants. They have much more Vitamin C than citrus fruit. Besides, they are recognised to promote weight loss.

Shelf life: 24 months
Net weight: 80 g

Black Tea
Indian loose-leaf tea, Chaga, goji berries, cut peppermint leaves, cut lemon balm leaves, cut fine thyme, crushed freeze-dried blackcurrants, cut blackcurrant leaves, blackcurrant flavoring.

Deep Black
Ceylon loose-leaf black tea, Chaga, goji berries.

Green Tea
Chinese loose-leaf fine green tea, cut peppermint leaves, lemon zest, crushed chamomile flowers, crushed rose hips, Chaga, goji berries, lemon flavoring.

Red Tea
Hibiscus petals (karkade), freeze-dried apples (fruits), freeze-dried crushed raspberries (fruits), chaga, crushed rose hips, goji berries, raspberry flavoring.

Pour 200 ml of boiled water (t 80-90 °C) over a tea bag and let the tea steep for 3–5 minutes.

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