Eco cleaner Gloss

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid easily removes soil and grease, rinses clean, contains no flavorings and scents.

Size: 500 ml

Made in Germany

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Gloss is an effective and harmless product for the whole family. Just one drop of the liquid produces a lot of foam, which easily removes grease, burnt and dried up food leftovers.

  • Active components for a perfect result.
  • Contains no harmful substances.
  • Rinses clean.


  • Those, who care about their family’s health.
  • Those, who are looking for effective laundry products.
  • Those, who don’t like strong smells.
  • Those, who care about the environment.
  • Those, who realize, that high quality helps to save money
  • Removes soil from all kinds of surfaces.
  • Dissolves grease even in cold water.
  • Absolutely harmless, suitable for child dishes.
  • Harmless for skin. Recognized by Derma Consult.
  • High concentrated. One bottle lasts longer.
  • 99% biodegradable. Safe for environment and animals. Confirmed by Ecolabel.
  • European quality. Corresponds to high quality standards.

Water, anionic surfactants <15%, amphoteric surfactants <5%, nonionic surfactants 5%, phenoxyethanol <5%, lactic acid <5%.

Method 1. Use a sponge to apply to a surface, rinse with tap water.

Method 2 (ecological). Take any container with water, add the cleaning liquid, 1 push (2,5 ml) – for slightly-soiled surfaces and 2 pushes (5 ml)-for tough stains. Apply with a sponge, then rinse with tap water.

To remove burnt grease from pans, baking sheets and pots, use the cleaner-water mixture and soak overnight.

Attention! NOT for dishwashers.

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