UNIVERSAL cleaning cloth

  • Like a magnet it attracts dust and dirt, without leaving fibers and streaks
  • It is perfect for dry and damp cleaning
  • Even being damped, it possesses a high absorbing capability
  • It will easily replace a kitchen towel, a house/bathroom cleaning cloth.
  • The innovative split Profiber microfiber is a milestone in house cleaning

Cleaning guide

Size: 20*40 cm
Made in China

385 сом
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PROFIBER includes positively-charged polyester fiber and negatively-charged polyamide fiber, so dirt is attracted as if by a magnet.

- High hygroscopicity: it absorbs water several times as much as it weights;

- High economical efficiency: it requires less water and household detergents;

- Powerful anti static agent: after cleaning dirt is gathered slower;

- Multi-purpose: all inclusive in one product, replacing several household means.

It was developed in conjunction with cleaning services

It is easily wrung out and quickly dries.

It was noted and done:

During the testing, the competition in wiping the chrome sink surface was held: The participants: your cloth vs. our old T-shirt. The T-shirt. Conclusion: streaks, dust, 10 minutes. The cloth: 5 minutes, chic, shine, cleanliness.

Net weight: 64 g

Material: 80 % polyester, 20 % polyamide

Damp the cloth if necessary. Wipe the dirty spots (tap, furniture, window-ceiling, everything that come in mind). Rinse the cloth.

Wash at 40°C, do not bleach, do not dry on heaters, do not iron, do not use at high temperatures.

Do not leave the cloth damp on objects and surfaces made of natural materials and / or light-colored surfaces in order to avoid damaging them. Can be dried on stainless steel or dark plastic surfaces.

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