Brilliance Eco-Friendly Glass and Mirror Cleaner


The universal eco-friendly cleaner cleans and polishes glass, mirror, plastic etc. surfaces in your flat (house) and car. It effectively dissolves dirt, grease or fingerprints without phosphates, caustic acids and alkalis. It does not leave any streaks and doesn't require rinsing. One concentrate can replace 5 bottles of detergent. It has an antibacterial effect.  

Concentrate volume: 50 ml.
Ready-to-use cleaner volume: 500 ml.
Made in Russia.

300 сом
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The cleaner effectively removes all kinds of dirt from a surface. It will help you clean and polish windows, mirrors, glass ceramics, glossy furniture, plastic window frames, chandeliers and glossy ornaments until they are as clean as a whistle. It will also help you keep your car windows, mirrors, a dashboard and light sparkly clean. High purity isopropyl alcohol provides high cleaning quality and speed without leaving any streaks. It prevents fogging and condensate formation.

The concentrate is diluted with water in a refillable spray bottle.

  • 70% of the components are of natural origin.
  • It does not contain chlorine, phosphates, PEG, active acids and alkali.
  • It is perfectly fit for being used with FineffectShine, Polish and Soft cleaning cloths.
  • 'Ecoprombezopasnost' certified.

*A bottle is sold separately.

It does not contain active acids, alkalis, phosphates, chlorine-based bleaches, PEG, SLS or SLES.

70% of the components are of natural origin.


Ingredients: ≥30% purified water, ≥15%, but ≤30%  organic solvents; <5%; complexing agent, flavouring agent, dye.

  1. Fill Brilliance bottle halfway with water.
  2. Cut off the neck of the concentrate with scissors and pour it into the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with water up to its neck.
  4. Screw a sprayer on and stir the substance. 


Once a trigger is pulled, a sprayer starts working. It is allowed to pull the trigger 3-5 times when using a sprayer for the first time. One pull is required for further use. To use a sprayer for the first time it is necessary to undo a sprayer nozzle and adjust the dispersion level.

  1. Apply the ready-to-use cleaner to a dirty surface and wipe it with a cloth for glass or polishing.

You can find more detailed information about cleaning different surfaces in the cleaning guide.

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