Gloss Power Dishwashing Gel

The thick concentrated gel for washing dishes, fruit and vegetables contains safe ingredients and consists of 99.5% natural components. It effectively removes grease and any dirt even in cold water.

500 ml
Made in Russia

400 сом
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The biodegradable gel based on mild surfactants derived from coconuts was especially made for washing dishes, including children's tableware, toys, fruit and vegetables.

  • It perfectly removes dirt even in a cold water.
  • It is easily rinsed off without leaving any residues.
  • Does not contain flavorings, dyes, parabens, petrochemicals.
  • 99.5 % ingredients of natural origin.
  • Contains ingredients that care for hand skin.
  • 99.5 % ingredients of natural origin 
  • A-tensides from highly refined coconut oil and N-tensides from coconut and palm kernel oil and plant source glucose are good against different types of dirt and grease.
  • Glycerin prevents dry hand skin and smoothes it.
  • 0 % flavorings, dyes, parabens and petrochemicals.

Ingredients: ≥30 % water; ≥5 %, but <15 % A-tensides complex, plant source N-tensides complex; <5 % glycerin, sea salt; <0,5 % phenoxyethanol.

Apply some gel on a damp Sponge and squeeze it 1–2 times. Lather a sponge, wash dishes and rinse them off thoroughly.

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