Home Spray Bottle

The refillable plastic bottle with a sprayer for Home eco-friendly cleaner dilution perfectly turns it into a universal cleaner for different surfaces.

Volume: 500 ml
Made in Russia

290 сом
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The refillable bottle with a sprayer is convenient to use and considerably saves detergents. The bottle has a convenient sprayer; the flow can be calibrated by simply turning the nozzle. An ergonomic dispenser shape and a wide neck make it more convenient to poor concentrate and water down. A stylish spray bottle will fit into any interior.  

* Concentrate is sold separately

Net weight: 85 g

High-density polyethene.

  1. Fill the bottle halfway with water.
  2. Cut off the neck of the Home eco-friendly cleaner concentrate.
  3. Pour it into the bottle and fill the bottle with water up to its neck.
  4. Screw a sprayer on and stir the substance.
  5. Once a trigger is pulled, a sprayer starts working. It is allowed to pull the trigger 3-5 times when using a sprayer for the first time. One pull is required for further use. To use a sprayer for the first time it is necessary to undo a sprayer nozzle and adjust the dispersion level.
  6. Apply the ready-to-use cleaner to a dirty surface and wipe it with a cloth suitable for a particular surface. In case of tough dirt, leave the cleaner for 3-5 minutes, avoiding drying, then wipe with a cloth.  

You can find more detailed information about cleaning different surfaces in the cleaning guide.


When the cleaner is finished, rinse the bottle with water and refill it with a new Fineffect concentrate.

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