Hand Foam - Foam Pump Bottle

The refillable plastic bottle with a foaming dispenser for Hand Foam eco-friendly foaming hand soap dilution perfectly turns it into a gentle foam hand cleaner.  It is convenient to use and it considerably saves detergent and water.

Volume: 500 ml
Made in Russia

220 сом
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The special pump structure, when pushed down, mixes soap liquid with a large amount of air and turns this substance into thick foam. It allows you to control the amount of foam. An ergonomic dispenser shape and a wide neck make it more convenient to poor concentrate and water down. A stylish foam soap bottle will fit into any interior.  

* Concentrate is sold separately

Net weight: 90 g

High-density polyethene.

  1. Remove a stopper from a dispenser before use.
  2. Fill the Hand Foam bottle (BERRY, HERBAL) halfway with water.
  3. Cut off the neck of the concentrate with scissors and pour it into the bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle with water up to its neck.
  5. Screw a foaming pump on and stir the liquid. 

Once an actuator is pushed down, a foaming dispenser pump starts working. It is allowed to push the actuator 3-5 times when using a foaming dispenser bottle for the first time. One push is required for further use.

  1. Apply a necessary amount of the product (1-2 pushes) to hands, massage them and rinse the foam with water.  

You can find more detailed information about cleaning different surfaces in the cleaning guide.


When the foam is finished, rinse the bottle with water and refill it with a new Fineffect concentrate.

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