Gift Bag, Size S

Not only surprises but also the most sincere wishes will fit in this stylish git bag.

What are we going to pack? Facial and hair care products, dietary supplements with care for loved ones, delicious and aromatic tea, healthy sweets and lots and lots of love.

It's time to give emotions!

Size: 160*210*75 mm (W*H*D)
Limited edition
Made in Russia

90 сом
!Can be paid with the Gift account

Beautiful packaging is as important as a gift. A branded gift bag with company's logos will make your surprise even more special. It is a great choice to pack not big gifts such as make-up or skin, hair and body care products, dietary supplements, bars chocolate and tea. Thanks to material strength, your surprise will be securely packed, and the stylish design will give your loved ones only positive emotions.

Cardboard, glossy paper, corded silk ribbon.

Use it as a gift bag.

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