Gift Bag, Size L

The bigger the gift, the more emotions! There will be more joy with the right packaging. A magnificent gift bag of L size is perfect for the most appreciable surprises.

What are we going to pack? Shakes, collections of hair, face and body care products, PH Balance Stones device and lots and lots of hugs to boot.

It's time to lift spirits!

Size: 300*230*130 mm (W*H*D)
Limited edition
Made in Russia

120 сом
!Can be paid with the Gift account

Big and beautiful gift bags for amazing surprises! A branded gift bag will give you pleasant holiday anticipation and bright emotions. It will be perfectly suitable for big gifts. Shakes, make-up, skin, hair and body care products dietary supplements, adaptogens and other good things will fit in this bag. Great impressions guaranteed!

Cardboard, glossy paper, corded silk ribbon.

Use it as a gift bag.

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