Gift Bag, Size S

Give your love beautifully! Packaging is the first impression of a gift, so let it be admiration! A bright gift bag (S size) will be suitable for a nice little present. Remind your nearest and dearest of your love in a stylish manner. 

It's time to give love!

Size: 160*210*75 mm (W*H*D)
Limited edition
Made in Russia

140 сом
!Can be paid with the Gift account

Gifts are appreciated for the emotions they give. And it is easy to give impressions as gifts if these gifts are wrapped beautifully. A branded gift bag (S size) is perfect for not big makeup sets, travel kits, healthy sweets and dietary supplements. Add to it the warmest words, confessions of love and gentle hugs.

Laminated coated paper, cardboard, corded silk ribbon.

Use it as a gift bag.

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