Gift Bag, Size L

Beautiful and thoughtful gifts are the demonstration of love to your loved ones and yourself. And bright packaging doubles the delight from a surprise! A large gift bag (L size) will fit plenty of love, the biggest NL sets and a firework of emotions.

It's time to give love!

Size: 300*230*130 mm (W*H*D)
Limited edition
Made in Russia

220 сом
!Can be paid with the Gift account

Love is a reason to take care of people dear to your heart and give them a whole set of thoughtful and beautiful gifts. A stylish gift bag (L size) will fit your care, appreciation and love. Give shakes, haircare, skincare and body care sets, PH Balance Stones device and other nice things. Give emotions. Give love.

Laminated coated paper, cardboard, corded silk ribbon.

Use it as a gift bag.

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