Gelm Cleanse Phytocomplex

Gelm Cleanse is a natural phytocomplex, which creates an unfavorable environment for parasites to live and reproduce, as well as promotes their expulsion from the body.

Halal certified
60 capsules / 556 mg
Made in Russia.
Shelf life: 2 years.
A dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before use.

940 сом

Gelm Cleanse contains 2 targeted complexes against the most common parasites.

1. Block Gelm antiparasitic complex contains:

walnut, grapefruit seed, tansy flower and inflorescence extracts, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Have anti-parasite and anthelmintic effects. Possess immune-modulating properties.

2. Intesti Control improving digestion complex contains:

fennel, rosemary and mint, which help improve digestion, reduce bloating, relieve spasms and gently cleanse the body.

You need Gelm Cleanse if:

  • you like sushi;
  • your diet includes lightly-salted fish, medium-rare steaks, salted salo;
  • you have pets;
  • you use the same cutting board and a knife for fish, vegetables and bread;
  • you like travelling and have just returned from a hot country;
  • experience recurrent abdominal pain, skin conditions and changes in appetite;
  • you have lost weight suddenly or do not lose weight if you are overweight;
  • you are having the DETOX SORB program together with SOFT SORB natural sorbent.

Gelm Cleanse benefits:

  • has antiparasitic activity,
  • regulates antiparasitic immunity,
  • enhances the body's detoxification processes,
  • regulates the gastrointestinal tract,
  • increases resistance to parasitic infections.

Key to health is your personal key to health. Developed by ULTRANOVATION R&D Laboratory.

Walnut (pericarp) extract, cellulose capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (carrying agent)), eucalyptus leaf extract, grapefruit leaf extract, microcrystalline cellulose (carrying agent), tansy flower and inflorescence extract, fennel fruit extract, peppermint leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, ground cloves, vitamin P (rutin), maltodextrin, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), calcium stearate (anti-caking agent).

The recommended intake provides not less than 67% (20 mg) of flavonoids (calculated with reference to rutin), not less than 100% (100 mg) ** polyphenols (calculated with reference to gallic acid) from the AI*.

*AI (Adequate Intake).

** Do not exceed the tolerable upper intake level.

Direction for use: adults take 2 capsules a day in the morning and in the evening with a meal. The intake duration is 15-20 days. 

Use the phytocomplex together with Soft Sorb in the DETOX SORB program antiparasitic.

Recommendations for using DETOX SORB program:

Stage 1. Start with Detox Plus program.

Stage 2.

Day 1–15:

  • Morning: 2 capsules of Gelm Cleanse.

1 serving of Soft Sorb between meals, but at least 2 hours after taking Gelm Cleanse.

  • Evening: 2 capsules of Gelm Cleanse.

The duration of this stage is 15 days.

Day 16–20:

Morning: 1 serving of Soft Sorb 30–60 before breakfast.

Stage 3.

  • Complete Metabiotic program.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, lactation.

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