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Folding hairbrush pink-blue

The compact portable hairbrush is ergonomically designed for traveling and very convenient to carry. The hairbrush is in two bright colors and made of high-quality soft-touch material. The unique curved bristles shape gently massages the scalp and detangles hair. 

Size: 65 mm in diameter 


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The hairbrush is perfect for travelers, it is compact and convenient to carry. The lid with the mirror will keep your hairbrush away from dust. It gently brushes your hair without damaging it.    


For those, who like taking the most of it

For those, who appreciate convenience and usefulness. 

For those, who travel a lot.

  • It's very convenient and space-saving. 
  • The bristles are made of special material so that they massage your head.
  • The hairbrush prevents static and makes the hair smooth and silky. 

Open the lid, brush your hair, close the lid.

Rinse the hairbrush with warm water, add a little soap to clean the bristles and the handle. After that, shake it a little and leave it bristles down until dry. 

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