Smartum Max

Smartum Max Revitalizing Gel

Your trusted home and travel companion. Invaluable help to treat burns, cuts, sprains, windburn, sunburn and insect bites.

30 ml
Made in Russia

580 сом
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The gel has pronounced caring, healing, clot-dissolving and anti-edemic effects. For external use only. For all skin types.

The gel contains:

  • The biologically active substances of maral blood plasma*, when used externally, reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, accelerate skin regeneration processes, promote effective cut and burn healing and reduce puffiness.
  • Humic substances protect skin from different unfavorable factors such as UV light, chemical agents and household chemicals. Humic substances promote healing and restoration of skin microcracks caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals, stress consequences and hormonal disbalance.
  • Silver is an antiseptic for external skin damage such as burns, wounds and abrasions. Applied on the affected area, it creates a protective layer, accelerating healing processes. 

Gel components:

  • effectively treat haematomas, bruises and sprains,
  • relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints,
  • promote healing of cuts, wounds, cracks and burns,
  • take care of the skin, making it elastic and resilient,
  • get rid of irritation, redness and peeling skin.

The gel is dark-brown and has a neutral smell. It is well and easily absorbed, leaving almost no residue.

* Obtained by a donor donation method, no animals were harmed.

Net weight: 30 g

Water*, maral blood plasma*, carbomer, triethanolamine, DMDM hydantoin, silver chloride*, humic acids*, fulvic acid*.

* Components of natural origin

Apply the gel to the problem area and keep it until it is fully absorbed. Reapplication is recommended to get maximum results. Apply 3–4 times a day.

For external use only.

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