UP2U Superfood Gold


Superfood UP2U is a unique superfood composition to support your diet. We have collected them so that they complement each other as much as possible. You just need to choose which superfood to add today.  UP2U Superfood GOLD activates metabolism and supports immunity.

It's up to you what shake flavor you are having today! Add UP2U Topping.

It's up to you which superfoods you add to the shake! Choose your Superfood.

Or you can add Topping for a new taste and Superfood for an extra benefit.

10 servings/1,67 g each
Made in Russia

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Superfoods are a unique set of vital elements found nowhere else in nature. It is because of the rich biological potential, high concentration of nutrients and maximum digestibility that these products have become known as superfoods. The simplicity and variety of UP2U Superfood make it a perfect addition to any meal.

100% natural.
The concentration of benefits in each serving.
Several useful superfoods at once.
Simplicity and ease of cooking.
Perfectly goes together with the shake.
Suitable for the ketogenic diet.
Suitable for a low-carb diet.


  • those who value freedom.
  • those who want to choose what shake to have today.
  • those who like tasty and healthy snacks.
  • those who watch their diet.

Superfood GOLD contains the perfect combination of precious spices of the East (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, saffron extract) for:

  • metabolism activation;
  • comfortable digestion;
  • immunity support.

Since the dawn of history, spices were valued above gold: wars were waged because of them, states collapsed, capitals changed. They deserved such an attitude not only for their rarity but also for their great benefits for the human body.

Ginger is one of the most famous plants that has many useful properties:

  • stimulates the digestive system;
  • it has antioxidant properties;
  • it activates the breakdown and excretion of fats from the body.

Turmeric is "the golden spice", which is loved not only for its rich taste but also for its health benefits:

  • it is considered a strong antioxidant and a natural immunomodulator;
  • it affects the restoration of the intestinal microflora;
  • regulates metabolic processes.

Cinnamon is considered one of the most ancient spices, it was appreciated for its bright aroma and unusual taste:

  • it helps strengthen the immune system;
  • it has a positive effect on blood sugar levels;
  • it increases the overall body tone.

Saffron is a well-known spice hailed from hot countries, which is handpicked. It is believed that saffron is more expensive than gold:

  • it improves digestion;
  • it helps strengthen the immune system;
  • it promotes relaxation of the nervous system.

Ingredients: ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, soluble corn fiber, saffron extract.

Nutritional and energy value (average values) Per 100 g of product % RDI per 100 g of product*
Energy value, kcal / kJ 290/1170 12
Proteins, g 6 8
Fats, g 5 6
Carbohydrates, g 52 14
Fiber, g 7 23

Add the contents of the stick (1.67 g) to the ready shake, close the shaker, mix thoroughly. Use immediately after making.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

You decide where to add Superfood:

  • UP2U – shake;
  • soup (our ED Smart soup).

To prepare "Golden milk" you will need 1 stick of Superfood GOLD and any milk (plant or animal origin).

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