New UP2U dry topping with a ripe strawberry flavour and natural ingredients will improve your mood and any flavour combination.  Add it to a shake, smoothie, cotton cheese, muesli, UP2U shake-base or any other dish.

  • 100 % natural
  • No sugar added
  • Dietary fibre source
  • New flavour: bright and juicy flavouring

Limited edition

5 sachets / 10 g


Halal certified.


270 сом
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UP2U dry topping, based on dietary fibres, is a win-win option to make some tasty dish better and healthier!

Bright strawberry flavour, the product contains natural pulp and strawberry seeds.

Soluble dietary fibres (corn fibre and strawberry pulp):

  • are necessary for optimal gut functioning and its flora,
  • promote a feeling of fullness,
  • provide nutrition with good bacteria.


  • Those who appreciate their freedom of choice.
  • Those who want to make their own decisions about what shake they have today.
  • Those who like tasty and healthy snacks.
  • Those who keep control over their diet.

Developed by ULTRANOVATION R&D Laboratory. Made in Russia. Manufactured in a facility that uses milk, soy, sesame, celery, eggs, nuts, cereals containing gluten and products of their processing.

Ingredients: soluble corn fibre, strawberry pulp*, glucose syrup, flavouring, corn starch, strawberry seeds.

Nutritional value (per serving of dry product (10 g)): energy value - 27 kcal, protein - 0.1, fat - 0.1 g, carbohydrate - 4 g, dietary fibre - 5 g.

*dried juice powders obtained by the low-temperature drying method

Directions for use: Add one serving of the UP2U product (one scoop, 27 g) into 200 ml of 1.5 % fat lukewarm milk and then add one serving of the dry topping 10 g. Shake vigorously in a closed container (shaker). You also can add a serving of dry topping to any dish of your choice. Consume right after preparing.

Store in the original closed packaging in a cool dry place and keep away from the sunlight.

You decide which flavour to use today for:

  • UP2U shake,
  • ED shakes,
  • Smoothies,
  • Cereals,
  • Cotton cheese,
  • Yoghurt,
  • or any other favourite dish.

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